This is the story of Kirkby Avenue.
Download the zip (~12Gb) and keep safe/distribute before it gets pulled. The download will take about an hour, so you can just watch the vids directly below. An offline offline copy is best.

The 4 videos explain how Lancashire police in the UK covered up many serious crimes over a 10 year period committed by Chris Gowan, a likely CHIS. He used his protection to basically run riot knowing he was untouchable.

The story is how his neighbour, myself, found out about this and my family was then subjected to literally years of criminal activity, unrelated to his original protection, as the nightmare of police corruption was used to hound and silence us. The proof of this is the evidence they pay for his car insurance when he has made himself uninsurable, detailed in INSURANCE.mp4. They also covered up multiple firearms incidents when he shot 2 of his other neighbours, one in the face, a bomb threat the fire brigade deemed credible, witness intimidation and him being caught on CCTV peeping into a child in a bathroom amongst many others, whilst serving a token ASBO and restraining order which were ignored. He fired 4 shots into a crowd of strangers including children. It was not his first firearms incident the police had dealt with. The corruption goes up to the chief constable and they brought bogus charges against me, Carl Whalley, to silence me. He is suspected of being protected before he moved to Kirkby Ave from Merseyside but the local police were on a need to know basis. His father went to prison for 6 years for smuggling £22m of cannabis. His brother and nephew have all been to jail for drug dealing. He never has, just those around him.

Zip contents:

Video: INSURANCE.mp4

Video: PROTECTED.mp4

Video: MOMENTS.mp4

Video: SHUFFLE.mp4

Documentation - Scans of the many letters from the police, the CPS, the MP and the courts.

Incidents - More incidents and full videos

Phone Calls - Various recorded phone calls

Videos - Main videos